Monday, 1 November 2010

Isn't it a kid's club?

No!  Sorry to be blunt - but The 3:15 Community is there for people of all ages.  We might not look quite like Church as you remember it, but we want to find a place where famillies of all ages can come together and learn more about faith and service.

We want your ideas about what The 3:15 Community can do to make a difference in the village of Highfields; whether serving the older residents, working with teenagers, helping young mums.  We don't know what really matters to you unless you tell us!

Get in touch with The 3:15 Community either by coming to see us on a Tuesday at 3:15pm at Highfields Primary School, or by phone to Rev Stephen Gardner on 01302 339618, or via the contact buttons on this blog (to the left!)

Friday, 21 December 2007

What is it?

The 3:15 Community is about people getting together to meet God, meet one another and to share the Good News of God's love in Highfields.

When and Where ?

Tuesdays 3:15pm at Highfields School from 8th January


You! Me! Old! Young! Anyone!

The 3:15 Community is for all ages.

But there's no church in Highfields

That's why we're meeting at the school - Church is not about where you meet but who you meet!