Monday, 1 November 2010

Isn't it a kid's club?

No!  Sorry to be blunt - but The 3:15 Community is there for people of all ages.  We might not look quite like Church as you remember it, but we want to find a place where famillies of all ages can come together and learn more about faith and service.

We want your ideas about what The 3:15 Community can do to make a difference in the village of Highfields; whether serving the older residents, working with teenagers, helping young mums.  We don't know what really matters to you unless you tell us!

Get in touch with The 3:15 Community either by coming to see us on a Tuesday at 3:15pm at Highfields Primary School, or by phone to Rev Stephen Gardner on 01302 339618, or via the contact buttons on this blog (to the left!)